Tuesday, September 30, 2014


well, I don't consider myself to be one of these peasants walking throughout the halls, nor do I consider myself to be better than them, well not all of them, let's be honest some kids just track mud everywhere they go, wipe your feet, what is so difficult about sliding your feet on a carpet to remove mud so you don't take it with you, no one wants to clean it, take that from ya boy the janitor. I spend my days cleaning up after children who walk around bombard the classrooms with straw wrappers, (let me tell you a thing about straw wrappers, (by "straw wrappers" I mean the plastic wrappings in which the Capri Sun company glues to the stupid pouches with one man-sip of artificially flavored beverages) I hate them) parents send their children to get a wonderful education from this flawless school system with Dora backpacks full of capri suns. I swear the Capri sun company has teamed up with the parents of this town and out to get me because everyday there is at there is a minimum of 10 straw wrappers stuck to the floor. literally stuck to the floor. like, I need to exert my energy into dropping my broom and picking up that straw wrapper because some kid thought it was a good idea. well I'd tell that kid a thing or two.
or 2. nah
that ain't cool. it will never be cool. you will grow up and one day you'll get arrested for making the wrong janitors floor sticky with your straw wrapper residue. because I will plant drugs on you. a lot of them.nothing serious, just like some Advil or Tylenol or something but a whole lot of them. like. I'm talking 600 Advil gels just so you look like you sell drugs. cops like to arrest drug dealers . drugs are not good. but what is good is a big fat bowl of frosted flakes after a long day of cleaning. anyway, I'm a janitor, and that sucks. 
yet another sucky aspect of that is I was so focused on my hatred toward straw wrappers that I forgot the true meaning if this; I'm just a janitor. 
OHHH, and wipe your feet.

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