Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hopelessness in The City

“SSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” is what I heard as sarah pulled me back into the alley along the disgustingly dark brick walls. i did not bother to question why the bricks had this darker complexion. i accepted these bricks as my safety and escape from this disaster that were calling life nowadays. “Wh-” is all I had time to say. she took her hand and covered my mouth and nodded her head toward the street she just pulled me from “do you hear that?” she whispered in the lowest volume I think I ever heard, even in the constant silence that sinks into the porous concrete of this deserted city. “no i replied” “you can not hear that?” we sat and listened for a moment, in the distance I heard noise. I did not know what it was. I sat there listening to the sound coming closer. it grew stronger as it took over the sky and echoed through the buildings and streets.
The excitement runs through me at this moment, I can not express anything to sarah other than “helicopter?” I could not bring myself to believe it, I just could not believe.. am I actually hearing this helicopter after waiting three years for a radio signal from anyone, let alone the helicopter that was “on its course” to rescue sarah and I from on top the hospital when we sent out a distress call. I look across the street from the alley and in the reflection of the sky on the windows that for some reason remained perfectly clean for three years without a window cleaner team, a helicopter. Not any helicopter, an Army helicopter. They finally answered our calls, there is a god, I thought, but I did not think that long, they have no idea where we are, or that we’re even alive. my moment of hope had faded. but sarahs had not .Sarahs’ hope certainly had not faded, she obviously was experiencing the same hope I had for just a second, but the difference is, she acted on it. she got up and ran into the road, she looked up and waved her arms, she jumped, she screamed. I tried to stop her, but I could not, I knew that right there, our hope had been our downfall.
As the helicopter happily flew by us at what appeared to be hyperspeed, another noise could be heard,or rather a series of noises, which sounds something similar to a herd of cows who don’t know how to “moo” so they just “ahhhhrr” in the same tone, these noises sarah and I knew all too well. “sarah.. SARAH.. WE GOTTA GO NOW!” I frantically said while I ran toward her, who stood in the road looking at the direction in which the helicopter came from. she dropped to her knees, in tears she screamed “TAKE ME YOU F-CKERS, MY TI-” she was unable to finish the sentence because at that moment my arms firmly grasped under hers and yanked her up to my level as my momentum toward the helicopter was much higher than her momentum with earths gravitational pull toward the ground. she refused to continue, so I had no choice but literally carry her while running to safety. We were once again running for our lives. behind us was a hoard, larger than one I had ever seen.
“Put me down Jonathan, I don’t want to live like this anymore, I can’t continue living my life cowering at the possibility of death. Damn it jonathan, I’m ready to go now, leave me to die”
Those words took me by storm, I wasn’t able to respond, not only because I was running with a woman who weighed at least one-hundred and twenty pounds and out of breath as it was, but I could not fathom the concept of giving up now. The time to give up is gone, there is no giving up now, are you kidding me? I can still hear the helicopter flying about, as well as my throbbing heartbeat which took over my temples with exhaustion and pain. I saw an alley way on my right and I gave it my all, I ran as hard as i could with sarah in my arms. Too scared to look back i just hoped they weren't too close to us, or even pursuing us anymore, perhaps they stumbled upon the local human buffet or the baby farm or something.. anything. I am not getting eaten alive today, not today, not today, absolutely not today.  As I came to the end of the alley I saw a car with blood stains strewn across the hood and windshield and an open door. I put sarah in the driver seat for that is where the door was open, shut the door and ran to the passenger side and hopped in.
With fear in my voice I asked her “what the hell was that?” I couldn’t let her answer, “Three years out here and now you want to give up, because of some a-sshole in a helicopter? Because of that d-ck? nah, sarah this isnt your time.”
I spoke too soon because in that moment I saw at least twelve of these creatures in a cluster come from the alley way I had just come from. One of those ugly decomposing tools looked directly at me it seemed, and he let out one hell of a roar, then motioned his followers toward Sarah and I.
“Jonathan, I love you.. but this is my time” she said while she opened the door to swiftly slammed it shut behind her as she ran away from the crowd that just appeared to be spewing from the alley way. I tried to grab her as she made her way out of the car, but she was gone before I had the chance. I sat in the car and anxiously watched her run for not her life, but mine.  
This experience has haunted me every day since, I haven't kept track of the days, because theres no point, I’m alone in a world that sees me as a meal. I feel as though this was seven years ago, my beard had whitened heavily, and it is now to my belly button.I am the only man in this god forsaken city, and I can’t leave because I believe sarah will come back looking for me, it looks grim but she’ll be back. She’ll love my beard, i know it. She’ll be back.

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