Sunday, October 26, 2014

angry letter

Inmate #18765,
        I applaud you from a distance. I formally congratulate you on your remarkable ability to destroy more lives than you're capable of creating. I once looked up to you, both figuratively and physically, but not anymore. It's been made abundantly clear that you've withered in size from the amount of hatred you've had thrown out of your system to spew down your roots and into the foundation you've constructed. and figuratively speaking, to look up to you would idiotic to say politely, for the only thing even remotely admirable you've ever accomplished in your life was living as long as you have. It's truly amazing no one has beaten you until your heart stopped pumping your worthless blood through your methamphetamine feinding body, strewn with supposedly meaningful tattoos with dates of which you cannot fathom a meaning. Those dates mean nothing to you. You've taken away the meaning of those dates to me as well, you've taken more from me than you've given me, and that fact is disgusting. I never learned anything from you, I've just seen mistakes you've made and I was able to determine that no matter what happens in life, I can never be anything you are. I will never follow in your aimless footsteps that wander purposelessly away from anything that supposedly meant something to you. I walk my own path, and wear my own shoes, these shoes are mine and you had nothing to do with it, besides the fact that I needed my own because you can only wear state issued ones. you wear your shoes in a cell that I hope consumes your soul, I hope it devours you from the feet up, alive you sit there feeling it eat you bite by bite, limiting you worthless body mass to just about nothing but scraps. Those scraps are then going to be placed in a fire, a fire that I will urinate on in order to ensure that it is extinguished. then I will stomp out your chard cremains on the floor. then on my walk back I'd look at the black foot prints left behind from my size 14 vans. 
                         -the offspring 

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