Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dual Narration (attempt)

Child's Mind: Wait, why am I here, I don't know any of these people, I cannot believe my mother said I had to do this, why do I have to do this? What is a school? learning? what. Wheres daddy, he never told me to do this. I have bugs to catch and stuff. I cannot stay here. I am sorry "classmates" but i must go. buh-bye. WHAT, they just told me that I couldn't leave. these big poop heads, I will leave soon enough. wait til this so called "nap-time" ill be so gone. I will be home by the time they even notice I'm not there. wait, don't put me on this cot, I'm not even tired. I'm not gunna fall asle-

Adult's Mind: Oh crap, the alarm, ill just hit snooze.. its only been five minute, ill hit snooze again... OH MY! i have 15 minutes to get ready, okay we got this. shower up, dry off, get dressed and lets go. oh man my boss is going to fire me. wait, let him fire me, I hate this job anyway. maybe ill just, get sick. oh yeah, feeling real.. sick. I don't know if I can come to work. NAHH, I gotta go. who else is going to pay the bills. oh well I'm here now. hahah, This walk from my car sucks, knowing I'm here to stay for eight hours, that is weak. No janice, dont sit there and greet me, i dont wanna be here, DO NOT "welcome" me here, i wish to be unwelcome. oh man. if i was a girl I'd fight her, telling me what to do with my day, when i just got to work. I CANT TO ANYTHING HERE JANICE!! oh I'm sick of your malarkey Janice. ohh lookey here, home sweet cubical. time for bed. good thing I keep this pillow under my desk. oh yeah. nighty night boys.

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