Friday, January 23, 2015

Modestly Proposing

         Oppression is a problem, a huge problem. It's always caused by scoundrels who claim superiority, but in reality, that makes you in-superior  to anything and everything. thinking your life is more important than someone else's is highly unacceptable and something must be done, we must work to create an environment in which people want to live, not fear because they have someone who makes their days hell. There is no reason to allow such a disastrous ideology, so we should just remove the problem rather than act like it isn't there.We must act, not like we already act, getting embarrassed by the actions of those who dwell in greed and hatred. Violently removing them is the only way to be acting like; So I've devised a plan. a concentration camp similar to those run by Nazi Germany, but not to eliminate a certain race, because scumbags come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. So my plan? to set up a camp, a camp for the undesirables in society to work to gain back their worth, or to be killed. The ball will be in their court. They have control over life or death based on how they act under constant surveillance and imprisonment, so here's how we do it.
     Invite them to a wonderful vacation which they've always wanted, of course we're going to have to do some research on these people, but it's worth it to create a better America. The Camp will welcome them, make them think its fun, send them colorful brochures with a voucher for an all expense paid trip to the persons dream vacation place. All airliners will be alerted of whats about to happen, in fact they will assist, once the undesirables give up their luggage to be put on the plane, that's it, its gone, all of their belongings are shredded, then incinerated. Seat the undesirables in first class, feed them, give them drinks, let them enjoy their last bit of undeserved freedom so we can remain somewhat human, even guys on death row get a last meal. During their pampering, the stuartess and pilot will fake the need for a crash landing due to engine failure. the stuartess will then announce that there are only a number of parachutes, so they're at a first come first serve deal. Obviously those who value their lives more than others are going to jump up and grab a chute, that's on top of the people who were actually invited.  The plane will be above the Hopi Reservation in Arizona at this point, and the undesirables will jump to "safety" on the ground.
     Those who actually survive the sky dive, will be stuck out in a desert, with nothing going on, no food no water, there are cacti though, but fake ones with motion sensors and cameras so we can watch the undesirables struggle to survive in the desert. After two days of no food or water, we send in our trucks, big box trucks equipped with off road tires and a water tank in the back, and decked out with "American Red Cross" stickers so they believe they're going to be okay. Once all of them have been gathered the trucks go to the Camp. When the truck arrives the armed guards at the gate open it and allow them in then shut it tight behind and get back to their places. The trucks then back up to the warehouse and the door opens. The ware house is pitch black and so is the back of the truck, The undesirables are then herded into the warehouse like sheep. Nothing in the warehouse but concerned squirming bodies, Once the doors have been shut, a light appears in the far end of the warehouse, one that looks like a door for these people to get to, but sadly they are mistaken, they are about to be drugged,
        Succinycholine will be blown into the warehouse leaving everyone paralyzed, unable to move or speak or in a bad case breathe, some will die here depending on how strong they are because Succinycholine is strong enough to take out a moose. They will then wake up naked lined up with a bag of camp issued clothes around their necks, so when they awoke they could dress themselves. Those who wake up and try to rebel will be shot by one of the 20 guard in the warehouse, who will set an example for the rest of them. Once they've calmed down and realize there's no hope, they will be brought into the orientation room where they'll be told why they're here.
           After orientation they will be forced to go through a room of mirrors and trap doors and all sorts of crazy obstacles, and those who make it to the end will arrive at the sweat shop where they are forced to make designer clothes which we will sell to support the camp, or just be killed for refusal to work. but there is still hope, they can regain their worth, but how efficient they do their work. it'll be years but they still have a chance.
         Since we realize this will take a lot of time to set up, we have an alternative plan, its a cargo ship. the control room is cemented shut, and its anchored in the center of the Atlantic ocean so there is no chance of swimming, and to ensure that, everyone has a choice of what limb they have removed. everyone will be de-limbed and forced to adapt with each other. everyone will become a happy family with no limbs, they can establish their own hierarchy, and no one will be able to leave because its gonna be very hard to swim with a missing limb.
    They wont be left to die though, we will send in a helicopter to drop food every week or so, but that's it, they're on their own to establish they're own boat land. Freedom, and everyone else is happy because they're gone and will never come back, ever. Problem solved, right?

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