Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Both Sides Dog

Expressing the vast difference in the ideology of love from a younger and older prospective creates a void which Joni Mitchell utilizes a conflicting tone, and celestial imagery to leave the audience filling in the blanks that she created with her story told in the song Both Sides Now.
Joni Mitchell uses very creative words to portray a scene of what love was like in her childhood comparing it to “ ice cream castles in the air feather canyons everywhere” which most listeners could easily depict in their head. Creating a visual world in which she has seen love from both sides, Joni is able to convince the listener that love is a crazy circus as a youngster, but as you grow old, love becomes a confusing circus with emotions all over the place, she is able to make the listener see what she saw as a child, and feel what she felt as an adult.
The tone throughout this song appears to be overall good, a happy tone, but it is much more than it appears, the tone shifts from reminiscent to hopeful to confused. This song shifts all over the place because it sucks, it is a bad song and we should be able to chose the song that you force us to write about. The conflicting tone allows Mitchell to show love from both sides of it, whether good or bad, she shows both, and both are easy to depict because “ I really don’t know clouds at all… I really don’t know love at all” Clouds are a big symbol in this song, probably because she looks up to clouds, and she looks up to love, even though it confuses her.
I cannot relate to this song because i'm aware that love is a dangerous game and i don't like to play it because there is too much to lose, not just the feeling but the happiness that you engulf yourself in because of it. I've looked at both sides of love, but it wasn't as confusing as Joni tries to make it seem, but hey, everyone's different. I really can’t relate to a song just because you chose it for us. once again we should chose our own songs to distill and analyze, because the results would be a lot better if everyone was on their own boat, but those boats would be a fleet heading in the right direction.

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