Friday, December 5, 2014

carl sweater

no no, i don't have time for this.
i could be asleep.
not here, not now, not ever
time for bed
tho it is 8 am, i can sleep
i could, not can
sleep is a necessity
sleep is the best for me
but school is real so it awakens me endlessly
consciousness is no friend to me
rather, he is the enemy
approaching faster than a seven foot centipede 
lemon-aid with the lemon breeze
drink it up under cherry trees
smelly knees, stinging bees
i am the janitor
i hold the keys
not many only four
maybe five
only one can be used at a time
so why is there no time for me
when i have time to turn the keys
in stead of in my bed catching z's
i lack one of the human needs
not one but many, nights and morning i wake up empty. 
just wishing there was something that kept me
in a slumber
but no, im here awake, and its a bummer
only got 6 months left for an endless summer.
endless? no maybe not
except on the nights you were smoking pot
saturating in perfume in hopes you dont get caught
but thats a lot of hope
too much hope that it'd be inconceiveable to cope
with the fact your moms against the dope
but thats alright
you pass the night with a doob to light
stay high to ignore the fight
stay out of sight. 
so wait for your sleep
and run from life
losing z's is a sacrafice
one i think of when im in the casino shooting dice
not once, i shoot it twice 
devouring your genes, the ones i splice. 
split up like a nuclear reaction 
as if to say it was an excessive action 
from the leader of my faction
time to remove numbers like subtraction
the math is over
as is the game
i dont have anything
not even a name
just a skull with an un stable brain
one stricken with pain
and driven insane
like al-qhada flying a plane
into the twin towers membrane

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